Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentines Day in Lehi

Janet the shark! Not really - she is just crazy!!
Her and Him together forever - just sitting on the countertop.

Yaaa - two together

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Grandpa finally got some lights on the 5th west side of the house. I figured if you could see that side from road also it should have some lights on it. The lights aren't quite long enough though. I'll have to find some more.

The front looks better for real. They turned out kind of dim. They are pretty cool though. I mean good - there not just cool because of the temperature outside! Give me some credit!!

The family gift exchange party was a hit. Me and Grandma had fun.

Grandpa aged a little quick and Caleb and Cobey didn't quite know what to think!!
The next door neighbor brought us little gift and she brought her little daughter Audrey with her. We had to get a picture of little cutie with her mom.

Richard go a hair cut for the big occasion. It was nice to get the real Richard back again. He was getting pretty shaggy.

Go ahead count em. There was a bunch.

At our party to food was on. The good stuff in on the end. We had a little trouble keeping the kids out of it until they had some good food to eat. White elephant gifts and sing alongs were a lot of fun as always until someone pulled the fire alarm! Yep - your right. the fire department came and read us the "don't do this again" routine. Cobey told the fireman that "he had always admired a fireman". The fireman laughed and had Cobey "give him five". Cobey was struten pretty high.

We had a huge pile of gifts to dice out. All had fun.

Chuck and stacey were gracious enough to play Mary & Joseph at our Christmas party. Hunter is a little older for the part but it worked out fine.

Our next door nieghbor came to give us a little treat with her daughter. She is a cutie and we had to have her picture with her Mom.

Grandpa seemed to age a little fast and Caleb and Cobey didn't quite kn0w what to think.

But when Richard got a haircut he looked like the Richard we remembered!!!

The lights on the house seemed a little dim in the picture but they really do look kind of cool. I mean good - I know it is always cool if the lights are outside!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

After she got it on she looked at it and was kind of - I say KIND of surprised - at just how yellow it turned out. Where do you think we're headed now? Yep - your absolutely right - off to the paint store. Ohe well. If we can't find the right paint maybe we'll just buy some suntan lotion and make the best of it!!!!!!!!

You won't believe what Janet did the other day!!! I got home and she had painted the kitchen yellow - mustard yellow!!!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Kim and her babe. They're both cuties!
Chubby cheek Kellie blowing out ALL her candles!!!

Let me introduce you someone who has lost a tooth! Oh ya - it's Sierra!!!

Our good friends on their last day here. They moved away. We'll miss them.

The newst addition to the family. Lots of new grass to mow so now it will actually be fun!!! for a while anyway.

Here it is from the same point as we sent one earlier with no grass - just dirt. Looks a little different.

Grass, grass, grass, as far as the eye can see!!!